About Us


About us Smart Lanka Marketing



We always work to make Smart Lanka the world’s mostly trusted business figure.


To make a customer who lives a more satisfied and comfortable life by providing a more reliable, trouble-free and an attractive service


Our Team Smart Lanka Marketing


Chairman – Mr. RMAB Rathnayake (Founder)


We take pride in being one of the fast improving business institutes in Sri Lanka having achieved a great growth within a short period of time. I really wanted to create a company which Sri Lanka’s name is spread all over the world as a number one country where fairness, reliability and goodness is abundant and Smart Lanka is the great outcome there. So I always work to provide better products along with a great service for my customers.

In the years ahead the force of rapid change of technology and globalization, will put us with new challenges for the economy. I, together with my staff, look forward to taking over those challenges in the future with continued support and blessings of our customers and business partners.

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Managing Director – Mrs  Damayanthi Chandrasekara


Along with the rapid growth of the technological and business world, we, Smart Lanka Marketing group, keep ourselves in line with the same to suit the demand of the world. We always keep our honored customers and business partners at the top to maximize their satisfaction.

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General Manager – Mr. Prachalitha Ranasinghe


We are a fast growing business institute where getting the best items produced, importing and trustworthy marketing is the hub role. We are proud to say that all our customers keep their faith on our products as we always sell our products along with confidence and trust. Our branches and outlets are being spread all over the island providing better opportunities for our customers to buy the best things. So our staff is always on the move, searching for the best of the best items, visiting customers in order to identify the customers’ needs and maximizing the goodness of the products


Meet Our Expert Team

We are professional and we work together


S.M. Wickramasinghe

Senior Marketing Manager


Pradeep Randeniya

 Human Resource and Quality control Manager


Sarath Ranthnayake

Marketing Manager


Rasika Chamadini

 Showroom Marketing Manager